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Starting Over With Our Practices

Sometimes, big life changes, long breaks between practicing, or complete overwhelm with the amount of spiritual and witchy content, can really make us feel like we need to start completely over with our spirituality and our practices.

We may feel like we need a completely blank slate to start from, to rediscover what truly connects us to whatever we believe is higher source or higher power, or, simply just better connect us to ourselves in this body.

I think recently, mine was a mix of having taken too long of a break, mixed with lots of big life changes making me want to reach for the comfort spirituality had given me before – the ability to almost control or influence the world around me and be part of its symphony rather than be a confused bystander listening to foreign music.

And that was scary. To question what you believe can be extremely scary and anxiety inducing. Or if it isn’t, with all the options of pantheons, cultural practices (if we are part of them or if they are open-practices), different witchcraft paths, different things to learn…it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start again.

Hopefully, the following tips and journal prompt will help you get started and reacquainted with yourself.

The first thing I would do – or the first thing I did – was answer the following journal prompt:

What do I know to be true?

This could be what you know spirituality to be true or practically. I am a sister, for example. Or, I know the sun will rise every day. Or, that your deity that you’ve been working with for years is still there and you still feel their presence.

Answer however feels best for you.

The next thing I did was ask myself what I was first interested in when I started, and what I’m most interested in now.

For me when I first started, crystals and herbalism was where it was at. But herbalism felt far away, and I was researching astrology for a school project. Now, I feel more able to start handling, growing, and studying plants and herbs…but astrology doesn’t spark the same excitement.

And that’s okay! The purpose of this question is to see what you’re still drawn to, and what you still want to know. Those can be used as big beacons and starting points.

Lastly, I would just recommend a cleansing, however you feel best.

I think this just cleans the slate so you can discover what you’re still interested in and what you’re open to. It refreshes the mind and energy, and can be very comforting and calming too. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – or it can be.

From the very start our practices are very personal and highly specialized. They are very inward focused. So I think asking ourselves where best to start can be extremely helpful in figuring out or reacquainting how to navigate faith, spirituality, and our practices.

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