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Spiritual Décor to Splurge on This Summer

We’ve talked a lot about building and creating a sacred space for yourself, be it your office, an altar, or your entire home. But this summer, we have spiritual and witchy décor items for every budget.

Get the candle holder. You deserve it.

Sometimes we really just want something simple, but beautiful. Imagine the beautiful star shadows that will be cast all around your room with this dainty but stunning gold votive holder. I don’t know about you, but I’m buying two.

Dedicate a small space to yourself

Not only can this flower of life crystal grid guide help you arrange your crystals in patterns that are beautiful and beneficial, these lovely little things can be used as a tray to dedicate space to a mini altar, while charging all your items, rituals, and spell work with the energy of the grid beneath it. It truly is a cute little piece to add extra umph to your life.

Adorn Your Walls

Literally, what is better than crystals all around your room! I can imagine hanging this simple yet beautiful crystal hanging over my bed – amethyst for sweet dreams, relaxation, and calm; rose quartz for self-love and abundance; and clear quartz to amplify my meditations and relaxation. Hang it anywhere you need an extra doze of magic in your space!

Step all the way into the vibes

It is a dream to have a crystal ball in my house! Thing of all the magic vibes it gives off just with its presence, but also think of learning an entirely new system of divination. Just make sure to read up on our crystal ball safety tips. But seriously, this is the ultimate symbol. Maybe I’ll just have to buy one myself…

As always for more updates about what’s new in the store or what’s trending, you can follow us on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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