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Spells For Sleep

Some nights we can’t help but toss, turn, and breath heavy sighs of uncomfortable frustration – it is annoying to not be able to sleep.

In this post, we’re not going to simply regurgitate what doctors and scientists say will help sleep, but add a few more magical touches to how you can ease your body into rest. Of course though, mundane before magical – if something is going on with your health or mental health, seek the proper care before or in conjunction with these more mystical tips.

Enchant a sweet sleep sachet and hang behind your bedframe / enchant linen spray

If sleep is commonly difficult for you to reach, I strongly recommend creating a simple spell sachet filled with lavender, lilac if you can find it, amethyst, rice, and sleepy essential oils to hang by your bed or behind your bedframe. The rice is simply to hold onto those oils, but the other herbs and crystals are strongly associated with relaxation, sleep, and even dreaming. Pick a scent that calms you beyond no other.

I also have matching linen spray that I use right before bed, both magically to help me fall asleep, and to literally signal my brain with scent that it’s time for bed. I generally use the linen spray when I really need help, versus I charge and enchant the sachet every moon for everyday use.

Write a spell and chant it in your head over and over

Instead of counting sheep, or counting down from 100, I find that creating a quick rhyme or rhythmic spell (if doesn’t have to, but I find something with a melody helps) to chant in my head when falling asleep both is activating a spell, but also helping you focus on something other than the thoughts keeping you awake. It’s something that requires just enough focus.

A hot top of chamomile tea

Need I say more? Chamomile and other teas like hibiscus are known to help calm anxiety and the nervous system, making them perfect to drink right before bed.

For me personally, I’ve learned the trick is to drink almost while staring at a wall, not doing or focusing on anything else. And then, even if I haven’t finished my tea, as soon as my arms and eyelids begin to feel heavy, I set the tea down and curl up under the blankets. Always listen to your body to catch the right moment to put your head down.

Gentle Yin Yoga – in bed

I love child’s pose. It is warm, safe, and makes me sleepy. People also find success putting their legs 90 degrees up a wall while laying flat on their back. Some gentle yoga – specifically yin yoga – with bed friendly poses supported by pillows and blankets could really do wonders for helping you fall asleep on nights that you can’t.

What’s your favorite magical trick for getting to sleep? Let us know in the comments.

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