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Small, Easy Rituals for Busy Lives

Life can be chaotic and confusing, so taking time to ground yourself in the present moment is ideal for keeping ourselves calm and level-headed.

Here are super quick rituals that can be incorporated through ought the day to bring magick and grounding in the midst of chaos.

1. Morning Coffee or Tea

When you grab your morning tea or coffee, if you blow on it to cool it down, think of a positive affirmation to breath into the cup. If you stir with a spoon, or even swirl your drink, stir clockwise to bring positivity in.

2. Shower Cleansing

Imagine the water rinsing away anything negative. Really take a moment to feel what the water does to your skin. Does it make it feel warm and confident? Hot? Cool and collected. This is probably one of the few times you get time to yourself too, so take in a few deep breaths.

3. Pausing while Cooking

When cooking dinner, stir your food in a clockwise direction to bring in positivity and blessings. Take a moment to think of all your ingredients, recognize the magick within each of them before you add them. Thank the universe for allowing you to use them.

4. Cloud Gazing

If you walk to work, eat lunch near a window, or ride the bus, look outside and up at the clouds. Find shapes within them. Some may just be fun, but some may hold special messages and insights.

Incorporate these little things into your daily life, then let us know on Facebook or Instagram @cosmiccornersavannah about how they worked for you!

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