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Small Altar Ideas

I’m sure many of us aspire to have the large, elaborate altars that we see on Instagram, but sometimes, we don’t have the space to do it – not yet at least. So alas, we must settle for something a little smaller.

So, here are three different sized “miniature” altars that may fit just nicely in a small apartment, or even in a bedroom or office.

1. Abalone Shell (Teeny Tiny)

If you have really limited space, or a fan of more minimal magick, have you ever thought to use an abalone shell as an altar space? The shells themselves are sacred, and could represent water Then, you can pop a feather in there for air, some sand, dirt, or crystals for earth, and then finally, a candle next to it for fire. I personally use my abalone shell as an altar for offerings. Any treats or goodies I’m sending to the heavens lay in the shell.

2. Bookshelf Enclave (Maybe not too tiny)

Bookshelf altars are perfect for closeted witches who need to make things look natural. Not only can you place sacred texts and journals there without looking strange, bookshelves can also be used to display crystals, knick-knacks and statues, etc., without seeming obviously witchy.

Plus, these altars are usually too high for children or pets to reach.

3. Dresser Top (Medium Sized)

Lastly, your dresser may be the perfect space, if there’s nothing atop already. A mirror placed above can be used for scrying and shadow work, candles placed on and around don’t look suspicious, and having all your rose quartz crystals beside jewelry and clothing can actually amp up glamour spells or the magick we wear.

While only the abalone altar is pictured in this blog post, our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah featured our other two options as well. Let us know your favorite over there!

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