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Simple Living and Spirituality

I think the greatest gift spirituality has given me, is the power of simple choice.

I was hit with the realization last evening while talking with a friend that my ambitions have changed. It was dusk, the sky was melting into pink and then periwinkle and fireflies created living glitter in the grass. I learned I am more okay with the idea of living a simple life, rather than always feeling the need to be bigger, to be better, and to be somebody.

Through meditation, crystals, the law of attraction, and astrology, I have realized there are so many paths in life. Through tarot, I’ve learned to have trust and faith I will end up exactly where I need to be. Every time the magician shows up in a tarot spread, I am reminded suddenly, who I want to be has become a choice.

It is no longer about the American hustle to constantly be growing and building myself. It is no longer about other people’s voices in my head echoing the word potential. Ambition is no longer an anxiety fueled by social media.

Ambition has suddenly shifted to come from within. And where my ambition leads has shifted to align with who I really am, and what I really want.

That is something I could not have figured out without counting down from 100 in bed, holding onto an amethyst cluster. Who I am and who I am meant to be could not have been a realization without automatic writing, reading books, and interaction with people within the spiritual community.

If I am meant to end up in a small cottage living a simple life in the country side, then I’m okay with that. It sounds peaceful. If I am not meant to be anything special, or to change history, that’s alright with me. I have experienced genuine connection, and that is magical.

At the same time, if I decide to build a platform or a business, then I know I made the decision based on my heart, and that those ideas are fueled by passion.

The journey of self-discovery and of life is a constant, ever-changing growth period. But, I now hold onto the beautiful realization that what life I end up manifestation who I become is my choice.

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