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Should You Read Your Own Tarot?

One of the best parts of tarot is that it can answer pretty much any question, at any time. It’s something we can do for ourselves to ease our stress. At times though, reading tarot for ourselves can be difficult. Most of the time, we have a desire for a certain outcome, and due to that bias, we can overlook or ignore warning signs that guide us in a different direction.

There are usually a few signs you should be having your tarot read by someone else, rather than doing it yourself.

1. Questions with a strongly desired outcome

If there’s a situation you strongly want to work out a certain way, have someone else read your tarot. We may introduce bias energy and may cause certain cards to pop out by wanting something so strongly.

2. You stare blankly at the cards

No matter how many times we ask a certain question, sometimes we stare at the cards and absolutely nothing comes through. Our brains fry, we can’t find the connections between cards, or simply, they don’t apply. If that keeps happening, it’s probably time to have someone else read.

3. You’re in a highly emotional state

Being extremely angry or extremely joyous, or any extreme, can introduce energetic bias, or cause you to misinterpret meanings of cards. If you can’t seem to get to a grounded, peaceful state before reading, or if asking a certain question feels triggering, get a trusted friend to read instead.

4. You’re asking more than once

The only time you should ask the same question is if circumstances have changed, or there’s been a shift. Pulling cards over and over trying to get a different outcome, or even the same outcome, can be exhausting and unproductive.

All that being said, sometimes reading for ourselves is the most eye opening and beneficial kind of reading we can do. We after all, know ourselves best. Still, it’s always good to keep in mind having a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes look at situations in your life if you’re feeling fuzzy on what the cards are trying to say.

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