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Should You Read Tarot Cards that Jump Out of the Deck?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it: you’re shuffling, and a card or two (or ten) decides to just…jump out of the deck and splatter across the surface you’re working on. It can be hard to tell if we should include these cards in our readings, or if we should just slide them back into the deck. Afterall, if they’re meant to be seen, they’ll show up again, right?

As always with things like these, it comes down to personal preference and trusting your own intuition.

But if you’d like some advice, here are a couple tips:

If only one or two jumps out

I’d take those cards and include them in the reading, in the order they jumped out. If it’s just one, place it in your next card slot if you’re doing a spread, or just place it next in line if you’re not doing a spread. If two fall on top of one another, I usually take the one on bottom as the next slot, and the one on top as the second slot.

If four or more jump out

Maybe this one is just a sign to work on your shuffling. Another interpretation is that the energy is chaotic, and isn’t a good time to ask that particular question. Try rephrasing it, or asking again later.

If none are jumping out

Listen to your intuition. Sometimes I hear a voice in my head saying “after this round of shuffling, take the one on top,” or “stop shuffling and cut the deck in half.” It’s all about what kind of reader you are.

Personally, I pretty much only take cards that jump, so if none are…it means someone’s – or my – intention wasn’t strong enough with the question, or there’s not enough information yet, or they just shouldn’t be asking that question.

If you’re just really confused about a particular and important question, maybe it’s best to have a professional read the cards instead. You can book a reading at a range of affordable prices here.

Hopefully that helps clear up some confusion. But feel free to let us know how you read your jumping cards, if you do at all, on Intagram @CosmicCornerSavannah or Facebook.

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