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Setting Intention For Sacred Spaces

Previously, we’ve talked about what a sacred space is, and how to cleanse one. This week, we talk about setting an intention for one.

But what even is intention? Intention, simply put, is purpose. It is the why. Why did you decide to make this particular space? For what purpose?

It’s a personal process. It’s about infusing you, what you hope to accomplish, what you mean to get out of the space. Even if it’s just escape from daily life. A moment to slow down. Self-discovery. A place to express.

Sometimes the answer is that easy – it’s a single word like productivity at your desk. A word alone can be an intention, but putting more energy and thought into it makes it more powerful.

Get a blank sheet of paper and write out the reasons for this sacred space and what you hope to accomplish within it. Anything that comes to mind, even if it’s how to decorate. Certain colors you’re feeling drawn to, or objects, when paired with research, can hint towards what you hope to accomplish in a space. Let the words and ideas flow to you.

Afterwards, narrow all your ideas into a single sentence.

For example, if you’re setting up an art desk, you may have thought of words like creativity, productivity, art, expression. You may have thought of colors like purple and blue, of tools like pencils, pens, pastels, whatever your medium is. Purple is associated with the higher self, and blue with expression and communication.

So maybe your intention for your art desk is “I create expressive work easily at this desk.”

And once you have your sentence, your intention, write it on its own strip of paper. Write it on the wall underneath a fresh coat of paint. Roll up the paper and stick it in a desk drawer, in a pillow cushion, anywhere within the space. Write it on a bay leaf if that feels right, since bay leaves are associated with wishes coming true. Burn it in your favorite candle.

Any of the above are what’s called charging your intention. It’s the first step in manifesting it. It should be something that feels right to you, something you thought of without being told.

Once your intention is clear, you may bring in smells, crystals, and visuals to aid your intention. Amethyst for relaxation and connection to the crown chakra, carnelian for creativity. Whatever feels right.

The last step of intention is follow through.

Sit at your desk and create art. Read a book in that comfy chair. Practice what you wrote. And you’ll find overtime that desk becomes where you create your most magical art. You’ll find that chair is where you feel most at free from the world.

You’ll find that the space feels sacred.

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