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New Moon in Gemini, with an extra dose of Gemini

Updated: Jun 7

The sun, moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are all gathering in the sign of of the Twins

Astrology new moon gemini
New Moon in Gemini brings a Gemini stellium

The new moon in Gemini begins, peaking on June 6th, and with it comes the potential for new beginnings. This moon is working closely with Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini, as well as Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini. The sun, moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Gemini are giving us a major Gemini stellium, which is magnifying the energy of Gemini in our lives and in the environment around us. 


Gemini is a mutable, changeable sign known for its duality, wit, curiosity, and being related to all things communication and social activity. It is represented by the twins and is connected to the Lovers card in the tarot, which highlights one of the main principles of Gemini: that all others are mirrors to ourselves and that we in turn are mirrors for others. That is the primary energy we are uncovering and learning through this new moon with Venus, planet of relationships and values, taking center stage.

New Moon conjunct Venus 

This new moon is about learning through our relationships. Gemini is reminding us that each and every person is holding up a mirror for us, especially and most significantly, those that we are in close relationships with. We can utilize this moon to understand ourselves at a deeper level through our relationships and what the other person is revealing to us about ourselves. Mirror work is almost always triggering, and this could be painful but it is also bound to be healing if you can stand tall and look back at what you are being shown. Communication issues could be a main theme and direct and honest communication is key for working through these next couple of days. 

Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Gemini 

Communication is central to this new moon. What are we learning about how we communicate? Where can we change how we’re communicating? Jupiter expands anything it touches so it is magnifying the themes of Mercury, which are at the core of this new moon being that Gemini is the domicile for that planet. (Domicile means that sign is, in essence, the child of that planet.) 

Venus Cazimi in Gemini 

This moon is taking place 2 days after the Venus Cazimi in Gemini. A Cazimi is when a planet in conjunction with the sun becomes exact, giving the illusion that it has been engulfed into the heart of the sun. This is a transit that is often lauded as a beautiful, benevolent time, and this is largely based on modern astrology’s interpretation of Venus as a loving, gentle planet. This is not the full story, though, as you may remember from the last Venus Cazimi, which took place in August of 2023 in the sign of Leo. Just like that transit, this one was experienced by many people as quite difficult, challenging and even painful.

To understand this, we need to expand our understanding of Venus, and if we don’t, we will be wounded by her. Love, as we know, is not all beauty and softness. Love is hardcore and not for the faint of heart. We need to look at the original Venus archetype for a non-watered down version of this: Inanna, goddess of love and battle. Her mythologies are gory, graphic and incredibly Plutonic in nature. In fact, she is not just the OG Venus, but also the OG Kore archetype, Kore being the Roman name for Persephone. It was Inanna who made her descent into the underworld, resulting in the seasons. She has died and been reborn in brutal resurrection and she has slaughtered her enemies, returning covered in their blood. This is the version of Venus that the ancients knew, and it is this Venus who we need to remember. If we don't, we will continue to be surprised by how love teaches us about pain, and when love pushes us to denounce those who are not in alignment with us and do not have our best at heart. When love forces us to choose between self-love and loving another. In tarot, the Empress is the card ruled by Venus. In my experience as a professional tarot reader, the Empress is one of the most difficult cards to move through. It shows us what we don't deserve to teach us about what it is that we do deserve. It is deeply triggering, just like this Venus Cazmini was for many people. Love forces us to face our own wounds, the most sensitive and fragile parts of us, and it asks us to be fearlessly courageous in that vulnerability and self-discovery. Venus is the planet of values, we must learn to prioritize our own values and separate ourselves from what is not in alignment with those values. That in itself is incredibly difficult and painful. When we speak of Venus, we must remember the ever present descent into Hell that is intertwined with the love she brings. 

Moon square Saturn 

This harsh aspect to Saturn is making this moon tense and adding discomfort. There may be difficult choices and changes that have to be made, particularly to ensure a larger, long-term goal. It's a good time to think about the choices we make today and how they impact the next year, or five. Gemini is a sign that is impulsive and drawn to new and shiny things where as Saturn makes sacrifices in the present so it can be rewarded in the future, so lessons of restraint or disciple may come up. There is tension between what we want right now and what our long term, value-oriented goals are and we are meant to be re-evaluating that balance at this time. 

Right now, we are more likely to be hard on ourselves, and we can alleviate a lot of the mental distress this transit can put on us by remembering that we are our own worst critic. When in a challenging time, we can make it worse for ourselves by beating ourselves up and causing mental distress, or we can be our own best friend because at least we can have that even if other things are a struggle. 

This new moon may in fact have a lot to do with the way in which we communicate with ourselves and where in that area we need a change in habit or perspective, leading with more self-love and compassion.

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