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Saturn Moved into Pisces. Now what?

On March 7th, Saturn left the sign of Aquarius and moved into Pisces. And so far, I’ve yet to see the positive side of this transit shared online. So, here’s what it all really means.

Saturn is our lovely planet of rules, structure, and authority. It’s serious. It’s about hard work. In my personal life and practice, I generally view Saturn as a father figure – something that makes my wifi go out when I really need to go to bed (and yes, that’s actually happened before).

Pisces energy is fun, child-like, curious, creative, and emotional. Peace, connection, compassion, mindfulness, and trust.

A lot of astrologers are saying that Saturn won’t like being here – which is a little bit of a problem considering Saturn will stay there until 2026. But honestly, I really think this might be a great pairing, and I’ve already seen the massive ways it’s shifted people’s lives, including my own.

The first thing to note is that Saturn is an outer planet. This means the effect of this transit will not be felt so intensely, so deeply, or so obviously. It’s a subtle energy that you can tap into if you want to feel it stronger…but you might not even notice it if you don’t pay attention.

So any hardships or difficulties astrologers are telling you you may have will probably be a lot more subtle than you realize, but they may deal with major life decisions.

I personally see this transition as a great time to balance things. It’s a great time for cleansing and clearing out, or having a good ‘ol decluttering session of the mind and physical space, as well as friends and relationships.

I believe many people will have great epiphanies, spiritual downloads, or overall a sudden knowing or burst of clarity when it comes to life direction – be it in career, family life, romantic, platonic, how you want to decorate your home, anything.

That’s Pisces energy translating Saturn’s direction directly to you.

I believe this is also a great, great couple of years to really work on building something for yourself or acting on a life-long dream. Saturn tells us it may be hard, but that we can do it. And Pisces says, “here’s the inspiration and motivation for you to get it done.”

For example, my lovely sister finally had a break through in her spiritual and religious life. She finally found clarity and peace through the right people, and has reconnected with herself and her God in a way that she was missing the past couple years.

I personally had a subtle moment of knowing which way to go career wise. A friend of mine allowed themselves to have an open mind and met someone special. A loved on finally decided to act on taking care of their mental health.

All within a week of Saturn moving into Pisces. This is exactly what this transit is about.

Yes, there may times where you become a little unbalanced and go a little too creative, or have a bit too much fun, or go a little deep into the fantasy you want to have in real life; or on the opposite side, you may find yourself grinding a little to hard and forgetting to have fun. But I really do think that these energies will balance each other out.

Remember that it’s okay to have phases in life, and to go with the energy you currently feel. And, that if you believe an astrological transit will be positive, it will be.

Have you begun to feel this transit’s energy? What has it been like for you?

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