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Samhain Ritual Ideas You Haven’t Heard Of

We all know Samhain is associated with the veil being thin, speaking with spirits, and honoring the dead. And these are all valid things to do – but what do you do if you’re a witch or spiritualist who doesn’t work with that dimension? How do you celebrate Samhain then?

We’ve got some ideas for closeted and non-closeted practitioners alike.

Have a Feast / Honor Animals

It is a harvest festival, after all. And aren’t all holidays an excuse to eat?

Traditionally, this would be the harvest festival where livestock were slaughtered and persevered for winter months, or sacrificed to deities. Now, that might seem….grim, but you can respectfully make your favorite meat dish, or if you’re vegan, find a way to honor and thank animals for their role on earth (like being part of the ecosystem, rather than being eaten).

Use it as a “New Year”

As this both the first and last holiday in the Wheel of the Year, it’s the equivalent to a witches new year. Meaning, it’s a good time to reflect on new goals you have, everything you’ve accomplished in the past, and create vision boards.

I usually do a tarot reading spread for the year ahead on Samhain, but I sort of like the idea of creating a vision board as well.

Prepare for Winter

If you haven’t already broken out the cozy blankets, switched to warmer sheets, or more practically, made sure your heater works properly, now is the time to do so. We know in Savannah it doesn’t get to freezing temperatures, but it’s definitely all relative. My toes tingle with cold even in Savannah Decembers.

It also is a good time to prepare for the dreaded time switch, and knowing that there will be more dark days than light now. Maybe set up a morning routine that will help you wake up even if it’s pitch-black outside.

And if you’re looking for something fun and simple to do this Samhain, consider our Fall Festival and Samhain ritual here. It’ll feature local artists, raffles, activities for the kiddos, and even a traditional Samhain bonfire. Get *free* tickets here.

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