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Pumpkin Magical Correspondences

Listen, pumpkins are not just for Samhain and Halloween – they last through the fall in terms of decoration, foods, and even magick. And while pumpkins are one of my favorite parts of Halloween, I’ve never taken the time to look into their magickal uses.

But here’s what my research has come up with:

Surprisingly, pumpkins are good for wish magick.

It’s common to make wishes on seeds and spread them around, not only so more will grow, but so the wishes you made on them will grow to come true too.

But really, all parts of the pumpkin can be used for wishing magick if you’re creative enough.

They’re also a good tool for fall fertility magicks.

I think the reasoning behind this is, again, the number of seeds inside the pumpkin. Using the meat in foods for kitchen magic associated with fertility would be so tasty, but you can also include different parts of the pumpkin in offerings, spells, and rituals too.

And, here’s your friendly reminder that fertility is not just about procreation, but abundance of ideas, success, and sometimes even money as well.

And lastly, they are very protective too.

Yes, this comes from the act of carving “scary” faces onto pumpkins. But, charming them or painting and drawing sigils into a pumpkin may be a good ward for the fall months to casually sit in plain sight, or may be used in spell jars.

It’s all about being creative!

Remember to dispose of your pumpkins responsibility, whether that be donating to local livestock farmers, cracking them open and leaving them for wildlife in a forest, or making them into something edible for yourself.

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