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Preparing for Winter Spiritually

While most of us don’t live in a place where we have to prepare extensively for winter, like collecting wood and moving dead wood and prepping vegetables and meats to last all season, there are still little ways we can prepare for winter.

And yes, if you’re in Savannah, there is a “winter” of sorts there too. I remember my toes would freeze and my heavy coat would be worn while walking down Bull St. to class.

Whether it’s preparing spirituality or materially for winter, there are a few things to do:

The first is practical: please make sure your heater works, and be prepared for the fire alarm to go off.

The sweet smell of burning from heater and space heaters alike is a smell that I now have fond memories off, but often times the older building’s fire alarms don’t enjoy it too much, so they scream. While it’s still nice out, turn your heater on with the window open to let it warm up with a lower chance of setting off the alarm.

And, since the houses are old, you’re gonna want to know how well your heater actually works.

The second is a bit more spiritual: try and start so slow down.

Though the holiday season doesn’t quite let us, remember that winter doesn’t actually start until mid-December. Get things in order now so you can truly rest (as much as you can) during the winter months. I like to spend winter doing my mindless creative hobbies, like weaving, and drinking as much tea as I can.

And lastly: Don’t wait until last minute to create vision boards and new year’s goals

I started thinking of what my new year’s goals, theme, and vision board was going to be as soon as Samhain hit – maybe because it’s the “witches” new year. But, the more time you can take the time to figure out what spells you want to do to start fresh, the better. The more time you can source the perfect images for your vision board or book, the clearer those manifestations are going to be.

Do you prepare for winter spiritually? What do you do? Let us know in the comments, and over on facebook.

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