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Plant Spirit Allies: Star Anise Magical Properties

Updated: Jan 26

Looking to draw in good luck, good fortune, money, and general prosperity? Anise star may just be the answer. This is one of my all time favorite herbs to work with. Associated with the planet Jupiter, this is a sweet and lucky plant spirit ally that brings blessings to any magical working it’s a part of, and boasts plenty of medicinal benefits, too!

Star Anise Magical and Spiritual Properties and Meaning

  • Money drawing

  • Good luck 

  • Good fortune

  • Prosperity

  • Astral travel

  • Divination

  • Psychic awareness

  • Expansion

  • Protection

Star Anise Metaphysical and Magical Meaning 

Anise Star is a powerful plant spirit ally with a sweet disposition. They are exuberant, loving and hold an energy of optimistic possibility. Working with Anise Star can lift our spirits and align us with a higher vibrational reality when used in manifestation. It connects with the wonder and inherent abundance of the Universe and draws it in. It aligns us with prosperity, abundance and good fortune, brining a magical touch of luck into our lives.

Medicinal Properties 

Anise Star has some wonderful medicinal properties and is a great aid in fighting off the common cold. It is an antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Commonly, Anise Star is used in Chinese medicine. (Source

Star Symbol Magical Meaning 

The shape of this herb is one of the most magical things about it. The star is a powerful symbol with esoteric meaning and is associated with pentagrams and protection as well as symbolic of the Divine itself. They are a little piece of heaven on earth. Anise Star is a powerful plant ally to work with as it represents the 8-pointed star. Anise seeds are also popular in money drawing spells but I prefer to work with the stars for these reasons. They have a more radiant energy than the seeds; it's an energy that is seeking outward. This makes them especially helpful in prosperity spells or any type of manifestation. In fact, usually any time I dress a candle or make a spell jar I add Star Anise. It adds that sense of magical possibility that I’m after – it is an energy that says, Universe I am here and I am open to receive your blessings. For this reason, I always take the time to find beautifully star shaped Anise stars and never use the broken ones for my spells. (But I am a bit of a perfectionist so if that doesn't feel right to you then go with your own intuition!) Of course, either way we are intentional about not being wasteful with our plant spirits and there are many ways to use the broken ones. Anise Star boasts medicinal properties and I suggest adding some of those broken pieces to tea to keep good health.  

Plant Spirit Friends

Anise Star is a great herb to pair with Alfalfa, a vibrant plant spirit ally whose properties you can discover in this blog post. Cinnamon, as well, for magical workings and is always a great taste pairing. 

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