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One Tip For Quick Manifestation

While I don’t think I’m quite ready to start talking about the holiday season just yet, I am inspired by the upcoming Thanksgiving to reflect the most effective tip when it comes to manifestation.

Every year, we gather around a table to eat a feast called Thanksgiving. Though every family is different, I’ve noticed many families say a word of thanks before diving into the meal they labored over all day. They thank whatever higher power they believe in for the food on their table, the roof over their heads, and ask for good health in the coming year.

But why don’t we do that before every meal?

Sometimes it’s because today’s world is so hectic and so fast. We don’t feel like we have time to even pause to think of our food before we eat it – while we check our phone, watch the news or another show, and so on.

When it comes to manifestation and getting the things we want, I’ve found that the simplest trick I can do to speed up the process, is to express gratitude. Being thankful for what you already have around you sends positive signals to the universe that when it blesses you, you notice. You receive those blessings (whether they’re physical or mental blessings) with humbleness.

It is far more likely to continue putting things in order to get you where you want to be if you thank it for what it’s already done for you.

The day is busy, yes. It can feel awkward to close your eyes and hold your hands in a prayer before a meal. Sometimes people don’t want to join hands with you and thank something they don’t believe in.

So I find breakfast the easiest meal to practice this. And I don’t do anything special. I just simply look down at my food, recognize that it is there, that each ingredient or the whole meal itself went through a long journey to get to me. And I say thank you in my head.

It takes seconds, and it’s strong.

Do you say thank you before every meal? Let us know below!

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