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Offerings to Aphrodite and Yourself

Back when I lived in Savannah, a few girls would take a white jeep down to Tybee Island every full moon. They’d bask in its light and swim in the sea, often doing release rituals and collecting sea water and sand.

I’ve never been a beach girl, but that sea called to me.

At the time, I was going through what you could call…realizing I deserved more, when it came to love – self-love, romantic, platonic. At the time I didn’t know who was calling out to me, who was helping me.

Some might say it was Aphrodite.

And while I’ve never worshiped or worked with a deity in spell work before, I can and have felt their energy. Every now and then I’ll ask Aphrodite to help my makeup look extremely good that day, or I’ll do a face mask and say “it’s in honor or Aphrodite,” when it maybe is just an excuse to pamper myself.

Sometimes, working with deities really is that simple. Sometimes, you may want to leave an offering or create an altar, or if you’re like me – an altarless witch who still struggles with being called a witch – just an object or two to remind you of the energy you want to bring in.

If you’re calling in Aphrodite, working on healing yourself in terms of any form of love, stepping into your powerful feminine energy, or just want to feel pretty, here are three things to get in honor of Aphrodite – and yourself.

Cowrie Shells

Here at Cosmic Corner we offer both plain cowrie shells and gold-plated cowrie shells. Any kind of shell will do, as a connection to the sea and Aphrodite’s birth. They are often associated with protection, attracting love and money, and good luck.

Self-care bath and shower salts

Would it even be a blog post if I didn’t rave about these things? There’s one for love that would be perfect for working with Aphrodite and love rituals and magick. Honestly, anything in the self-care section would make a lovely offering to Her and yourself.

Book Recommendation: Pagan Portals – Aphrodite

For learning all things about embracing all aspects of yourself – rageful warrior and graceful goddess alike – this book is great reading material for your “you” time. Uplifting and insightful, it’s a book that you’re sure to take something away from.

Have you ever worked with Aphrodite or on healing love? Let us know over on Facebook and Instagram.

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