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Offerings for Effective Manifestation

There is something very grounding and ancient about offerings. Giving offerings to the Gods, or simply Mother Nature, feels like a sacred, secret ritual. To me, it’s a form of pure connection.

Offerings are almost like trades – though that’s not exactly how they work. Simplified, you are asking the Universe if I offer you this, will you help me with this? It’s an energetic exchange. This doesn’t mean we should only offer things when we want something though.

Sometimes, I find the best offerings are the ones that are random.

Last summer, working at a landscape company, we picked the beautiful peonies that grew on the property. We spent all day snipping the blooms from bushes and putting them in large buckets of water. I drove home with bundles of them. And while I kept many around the house for their beauty, I took a few to my favorite place within the forest, and placed them in front of a tree I feel a strong connection to.

I wasn’t asking for anything in return. I saw something beautiful, and thought to share it with something I felt connected to.

Abundance followed me for the coming months.

Other times, intentional offerings are the right move.

Lighting a candle as an offering can be effective and magickal. Letting the flame flicker and burn while you go about your day, or sitting by it and slowing down for the evening, can be a beautiful offering. Though, there are certain candles that work as votive offering candles for various spirits, angels, and deities in many religions.

And lastly, looking up associations to what different deities prefer as offerings, or looking up associations to something you’re specifically trying to manifest will also be effective. It’s okay to desire things, and it’s okay to ask for help from above through an offering.

If you’d like to hear some of what I find to be the most effective offerings, check out our post on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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