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New Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox that aren't decluttering.

Today and tomorrow mark the Spring Equinox. Call it Ostara, First Day of Spring, or anything else in your tradition or practice, but it’s likely it all celebrates the same thing: the return of light, return of energy, cleansing, and planting seeds and intentions.

I find it not-so-coincidental that the past few days I’ve suddenly been itching to do a declutter. And as we discussed about Saturn transitioning to Pisces, now is quite literally the ideal time to declutter, spring clean, cleanse yourself or your tools, or anything else. Now, I’m not someone who advocates for cleansing and clearing all the time (props to those that do it every full moon, I just prefer to do it when I need it), but maybe once a year is a good thing.

I wanted to talk a little more about this idea of spring cleaning, and what counts. I think a lot of us maybe grimace or roll our eyes at the phrase “declutter” now. Minimalist content and Marie Kondo feel a bit overdone these days, especially for those who do really enjoy their maximalist clutter and design, or are very sentimental.

But decluttering isn’t the only way you can act on this spring cleaning. In essence, the idea of decluttering and cleaning are all about the same thing: getting energy moving.

How you do that is entirely up to you. Here’s a list of some ideas.

· Go for a run, jog, or exercise in whatever way works for you. Gentle stretches in bed count too!

· Go for a walk and clean up litter or trash where you see it.

· Listen to music that makes you feel alive and dance. Really let yourself go.

· Take a hot shower or bath – bonus points if it’s with Epsom salt. Traditional cleansing.

· Unmake your bed, open all the windows and doors, shine a flashlight in all the dark corners. These little acts can get energy out of sticky places and let it go.

· Essential oils or incense if its safe to do so. My current favorites are orange and Jasmine – maybe not traditional cleansing or releasing…but I like them and they work

· Light a candle in honor of an intention

· Wash all your clothes, change your sheets, leave some out to dry outside if you can. Wash blankets, pet beds, etc. if possible. If it’s already washed and cleansed, shake it around to get all that old energy out.

· Empty purses or bags

· Go find a dandelion. Smile because that means spring is truly coming.

· Go for a long drive with no destination, or drive with the windows down, or drive to your favorite shop/restaurant/café and just sit. Walking is a good option to, or biking.

· Gather all your plants by a window for some much-needed vitamin D. Sit by it yourself too if you can.

· Journal on thoughts (deep, big, small, or everyday) to get them out of your brain. Brain-dump all your goals, dreams, etc. Really fantasize and let yourself be in another world for a moment.

· Meditate, if that’s something you’re into.

· Spend time with family, friends, or loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. A good conversation gets ideas, feelings, and energy moving too.

What are you plans for this spring season? Let us know in the comments.

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