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New Products I'm Obsessed With:

As the end of summer draws nearer, I find myself looking for more natural, earthy materials and tools to use in my practice – okay, and I’m just a sucker for pretty ceramic. But, Cosmic Corner has some new products that are tickling my fancy and inspiring me to do new spells and rituals in my practice.

While you may be able to pick out your own favorites, here are three of mine.

Starting off with something really useful: colored bottles.

Yes, run, don’t walk, to Cosmic Corner to pick out some of these mini-colored bottles. We’ve always carried these clear ones, but if you like the vintage, fantasy look, or you work with color magick, these are ridiculously useful. You can check them out here.

Next, as I promised…ceramics.

Two new products: the cone incense burner, and the heart shaped plate. For the bowl, these are useful for offerings, incense, tea lights, trinket dishes, key bowls, money bowls – literally the possibilities are endless. They come in a large range of colors.

The same goes for these moss-glaze heart shaped dishes. Possibilities are endless, and the heart shape is perfect for love workings and positivity.

The ceramic material is so lovely, earthy, and can help ground you and work with earth energies.

Lastly – amethyst spheres.

Listen, amethyst is not only my birthstone, but one of the first crystals I ever added to my collection. I’m also obsessed with spheres and crystal balls. Here is the best of both worlds. These high-quality stones are unique, offering endless hours of gazing for divination or simple fascination of the crystal, gem, and mineral world.

What’s new that you’re eyeing? Let us know over on Instagram and Facebook.

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