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New Moon In Cancer

This sensitive new moon connects us to our emotional nature

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New Moon In Cancer

There’s just something about the new moon in Cancer. The lunar energy is almost palpable; the air is ripe with nostalgia, sentiment and watery eyes. We are drawn inward to connect with our emotional nature. We are asked to bring care and comfort to ourselves and those around us. The new moon in cancer wants us vulnerable, sensitive and raw. To turn up the dial on our inner world and let the high priestess or priest within take the lead. To unleash the wild, the primal, the moody – to allow ourselves to be completely human. 

The New Moon

The new moon is a time to set intention and to begin new cycles. It’s a fresh start in the middle of summer, a chance to connect with our inner voice and readjust in accordance to its desires. 

Cardinal Signs Affected

The signs most affected by this new moon are the cardinal signs, Cancer Libra Aries and Capricorn. This is a particularly good moon for these signs to deepen their understanding of themselves, their authentic needs and their overall emotional awareness. This may be a moon that brings out your sensitivity, in which case, that is exactly the medicine the Cancer new moon is prescribing. We often want to fix our emotions as if they are the problem. This moon can show us that our emotions are not always something that needs to be fixed, as they are already a part of the solution. Every emotion that we have is just a way for our inner self to communicate, and all we are tasked with doing is listening and holding space. 

Cancer New Moon

Cancer is the mother or guardian archetype of the Zodiac. Alongside Capricorn it makes up the parental axis representing the feminine. This moon gives us opportunities to re-parent ourselves, to nurture and nourish ourselves in deeper ways. Maybe we didn't get the support or care in childhood that we needed, in which case those wounds may be tender right now, but the reflective moon is shining a light on where we can provide for ourselves what we didn't receive in childhood.

Cancer is a sign that gets reduced often to a sensitive crybaby, we’ve all heard it said, but anyone who has journeyed with the energy of this sign knows that Cancer is anything but weak. Cancer is the protector of the Zodiac. Their courage and drive is one of their defining characteristics (the tarot card for Cancer is the Chariot which tells you a lot) and they will never shy from doing what needs to be done. That is one of their gifts, the ability to do what they are most afraid of, the capacity to push themselves past their limits. They do this because they have been pushed past what they thought they could stand so many times that they have eventually learned that there is nothing that can destroy them, nothing they can not withstand and nothing that they can not rise to. You need this kind of courage and perspective to do the work that Cancer asks us to do, to meet your deepest and innermost emotions, to confront the wildness within and make a home there. 

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