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Mercury Retrograde October 2020

So, Mercury just went into retrograde, starting in Scorpio. Let’s just say, this one may be a little rough.

Remember that Mercury rules travel, technology, communication, and commerce. All of these things could be set back, messed up, or in need of trouble-shooting. Think missed calls or texts, alarms not going off when they’re needed, purchasing faulty items, or argument flair-ups.

It doesn’t help it’s in the sign of Scorpio. This is a watery, intense sign. Our emotions could be running higher than normal, and little things may set you off in a way you never expected them to. This sign is also private and mysterious,

so you may be letting these things fester inside until they blow up.

Try very hard to not let that happen.

This retrograde may bring up things that actually really bother you, like how a friend jokes around about something personal. You may have not said anything up to this point, but with Mercury appearing to travel backwards, you might randomly explode the next time you hear it.

Try and ground yourself, and if you feel yourself overheating, walk away from a situation for a little bit. Figure out how you really feel. While it may be impossible to keep all arguments civil, it’s worth it to try and remain calm and reasonable.

This is the last retrograde of the year for this planet, so know that on November 3rd, the rest of the year should be pretty solid communication and technology wise.

Try and keep your head up as best you can, and rest when needed!

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