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Mercury Retrograde February 2021

Mercury is in retrograde, again. This time, it’s until the 21st of February. At this point, you probably know the drill. Our tech might act up on us, travel may be difficult even if it’s just going to the grocery store, and people may mishear what we say.

But this time, there’s something grander happening.

Right now, we’re shifting into the Aquarian age, and these modern planets are not getting along with Mars. What does that mean? Our beliefs are being challenged from every angle, and things are changing. Not everyone is happy about it, and no one seems to be getting along to figure it all out.

Oh and by the way, if you want even more detail about why Mercury is such a big deal when talking about retrogrades, definitely check out this book here.

If anything, Mercury retrograde is a time for us to step back from the digital world that’s always talking, and get in tune with ourselves. What thought processes are no longer serving ourselves? How are we speaking to ourselves, and how can we be kinder to ourselves?

Also, because so many ideas are floating around and being challenged, constantly, sometimes we can forget what we stand for. Take some time to ground yourself, and check yourself. You may not agree with everyone else, but figure out why you believe what you believe, and then stick to it. This can go for anything, from ideas on love and marriage, to what kind of job you have, to how you practice your spirituality.

And of course, make sure to double *triple* check documents, texts, emails, and travel plans. You don’t wanna send something to the wrong person, or miss out on an opportunity for not following guidelines.

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