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Meet the Team: Izzy

One of my favorite things about local shops if the sense of community they create – the idea of seeing the same friendly staff as always, and striking up a good conversation with them no matter the topic. We all come from such different backgrounds, and have a wide range of beliefs, spiritual and otherwise; there can be no dull conversation.

We’d like to warmly invite you into our shop, and help get that community conversation started.

In this blog series, we’ll introduce you to some of our team who choose to share. And today, we start with Izzy!

Q:What is your name, and what are your pronouns?

A: I go by Izzy, my pronouns are they/them.

Q: Who inspired your spiritual path? A: My mom has largely inspired my own spiritual journey. She was raised Hispanic Catholic but now identifies as largely spiritual and as a witch. She would do tarot readings for me as a child, and burn incense when cleaning. Little things like that always seemed normal to me, it seemed like a natural continuation to explore my own interpretation of spirituality and ritual.

Q: Are there any deities you like to work with? If so, how did you discover them? A: I do work with a couple of deities. Personally, I give offerings to Lilith and Lady Guadalupe. I discovered Lilith through research of an entity that truly spoke to me in terms of morals and values. She also has shown up so many times throughout my life in unexplainable ways. Lady Guadalupe has always been sacred to me, somewhat because of my Catholic familial history, but also because of her inherent feminine power and divinity.

Q: Do you have an altar? If so, how do you care for it? A: I care for my altar in many different ways. I have a morning ritual of burning incense to clear the space. I also make moon water when possible and keep small offerings of water and alcohol for my deities. I have a space to honor my ancestors, who also receive offerings. I refresh my money bowl every month and give different offerings to my goddesses. About once a month I also do a complete refresh of my altar space to make things more fun and to start anew.

Stay tuned every week to meet another one of our lovely team members, and make sure to follow us on socials @CosmicCornerSavannah for more fun.

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