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Master List of Yule Activities

One of my favorite things about Yuletime is there is an abundance of time to do all the things.

Whether you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, yule, the winter solstice, Hanukkah, or some holiday not mentioned (leave us a comment so we can learn more and include them in the list)…pretty much all of December, it is socially acceptable to do winter and holiday themed activities.

We’ve split them up this time in case you’re looking for something specific.


  • Bake, then bake some more – or cook hearty, warm meals

  • Create a Yule Log for decoration or bake a yule log cake

  • Sleep, nap, cuddle up with a blanket or pillow

  • Learn about dark gods and goddesses, winter energy, and / or shadow work

  • Host a feast / potluck with friends – optionally, practice a ritual together and / or practice white elephant or secret Santa

  • Volunteer. Dedicate this to a deity, or simply for the sake of a cause you care about

  • Sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, or other crafty sorts of magics

  • Decorate a yule tree however you see fit

  • Craft a straw yule goat for décor or for your altar

  • Leave a candle – real or fake – on the window sill for traveling spirits

  • Bask in the sun, if you can

Spell-work & Rituals

  • Burn a yule-log as part of a ritual

  • Watch the sunrise on the morning of the winter solstice. Whisper your wishes to it.

  • Clean your house to it is sparkling for new years – this is practices in many cultures from Sweden to Japan.

  • Create a candle and bless it for the new year, as you burn it, your desires activate

  • Cleanse the home with pine or juniper – forage safely yourself or buy from local farmers

  • Use cold weather, snow, or similar energy to “freeze” things out of your life

  • Any sort of ancestral work

  • leave a place setting for ancestors, or living or passed relatives who can’t be there

  • Yule ball full of blessings placed on the tree

  • Light a candle in honor of your shadow self, and hold space for them

  • Simmer pots for various intentions

Journal Prompts

  • What do you find difficult about the holiday season? What do you find easy or uplifting?

  • As a practitioner, what meaning do you attach to Christmas and/or the holiday season?

  • Write about the energy you feel around this time of year

  • Write about the energy of “dark” or “resting” energy. How can you use this to your advantage in your practice?

  • What deserves a fresh start in your life?

  • Write a list of different areas of your life, and rate from 1-5 how satisfied you are with each. How does this help you know what to bring into the new year or set goals?

  • What are some of your favorite holiday / winter memories?

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