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Mars in Aries 2020: Horoscope for Each Sign

Last week we talked about what Mars in Aries meant for society as a whole, but what does it mean for each sign? Find yours below:


While you’re normally assertive and forthcoming, now may be a time to go inward. Reconsider how you handle and express your anger, and make some adjustments – especially if you find that you’ve been angry with a friend or a business partner, now is a good time to think of a calm way to address the issue. You may not care about how others perceive you, or may not be enthusiastic about work right now. That’s okay!


You may find your intuition isn’t working quite as well. As confidence in the public light or workplace falters slightly, you may not be sure where to find your footing. Ideologies and philosophies of yours may be challenged. Take some time to ground yourself, and go back to your roots. Pick up a hobby you used to be fond of but left behind.


Get ready for some deep emotions, love. You or a loved one may become obsessive, or you may not feel like sharing any intimate part of yourselves. You’ve got some deep-seated emotional issues to dive deep into. It may make you feel shaky. Find someone trusted to share with, even it’s a piece of paper or a tree in the woods.


Now is a good time to review everything about relationships. Do you throw yourself in, or are you overly cautious? Does your heart flood to a point of obsession, or do you give a silent treatment to shut your feels down? Ask yourself if these techniques really work for, and make adjustments.


Passive-aggressiveness may be your go-to right now, but try and breath. If it’s with a partner, find a way to communicate calmly and assertively about your boundaries, or it may be time to move on. If it’s about health or your job, ask yourself what your true priorities are, and follow your heart.


Your interest in your job may be fading, and everything may feel like an annoyance. Connect with your inner child, or any real children in your life, and see if that resparks any joy or interest. Take care of that side of yourself.


You may be feeling a bit tired of always being gentle. Find some ways to express anger and frustration in a healthy manner. Take care of your inner child. Reevaluate your home life and make any adjustments to create a stimulating environment.


You may have difficulty expressing yourself in your home environment or with others. Remember it’s okay to get frustrated and cry, if you need. Let it out, and then regroup. Your emotions may be bubbling under the surface, so remember they don’t need to be expressed perfectly. They just need to be acknowledged.


Jobs and money are inspiring for you. Go for the business project you’ve been wanting to start. Pick up an interesting side hustle. Find someone you trust that you can communicate with, someone who will understand your frustrations may not be directed towards them.


This is a very personal period for you. Ask yourself where you’re feeling underappreciated, and speak up. Find a source of confidence, and run with it. Anger is a great fuel, but make sure you’re channeling it the right way and transforming it into something productive.


You may feel tired and groggy, but that’s because this is a time to go inward. Find what emotions you’ve been bottling, and find a way to express them. You may not be able to trust your intuition at times – find what is giving you fear and anxiety and confront these issues.


Your intuition may feel off, which is strange for you, Pisces. But know it is because there are deep-seated fears that need to be adjusted. Reconsider your friend-circle and the groups your participate in. They may be lowering your energy.

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