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Mala Beads for Manifestation

Mala beads are used in prayer and meditation all the time. Running your fingers over the cool crystal beads can relax the mind and allow focus. Words or simple phrases, mantras or affirmations, can escape our lips as our fingertips move, or echo in our mind.

This is a form of manifestation.

The repeated action of a mantra, paired with a simple task that steals a part of our focus, is the perfect recipe for bringing things into our lives. It’s powerful. And if it can be used with mantras as simple a I feel love, it can be used for manifesting bigger things as well.

For me, meditation and focusing the mind can be difficult at times. I have a hard time sitting still. Having a necklace of beads to fiddle with in my hand during the process definitely eases me into a deeper meditation faster, as my natural urge to move slightly is satisfied, but also adds power to whatever affirmation I’m working on.

Mala beads consist of 108 beads, and one “head” bead called a sumeru. This means that whatever intention you use with the beads is repeated over a hundred times. That’s enough to start rewiring the brain and bringing the universe into alignment.

But also, that means it’s something quick. It doesn’t require an hour-long meditation, or any fancy ritual. It can be done just before bed, just as you wake up, just before a meal.

I’ve seen first hand how fast these affirmations can work. After just one practice of repeating the affirmation I am surrounded by love, I noticed the next day the friends that really loved and cared for me were reaching out to get together, and those who didn’t were quiet.

I have since used mala beats for bigger forms of manifestation, repeating things such as my clothing reflects me, or I have the perfect apartment in order to manifest the environment and the life I want.

With bigger manifestations, it can take longer than a day to come through. But, you’ll find that with repeated practice, something as simple as feeling round beads of stone and affirming to yourself you have what you desire can bring about powerful change in your life.

While this may wrap up our month of manifestation, our posts with content similar to this will continue to multiply. Check out our mala beads to start manifesting your dream life.

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