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Magick for the Pandemic

This pandemic has lasted longer than any of us thought, and with people getting anxious to leave their homes and go back to normal life, a few are taking less precaution than they should be.

If you have to leave your house, here are three ways to stay safe while adding a bit of magick to your daily life:

1. Glamour Magick Masks

Want others to keep six feet away from you while at the grocery store? Enchant a mask with the intention of keeping distance from others while wearing it. Glamour magick for invisibility may also help. These sort of magicks can be done on masks, bracelets, necklaces, or anything of the sort.

2. Enchanted Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is essential after touching gas pumps or shopping carts. Infuse yours with herbs that correspond with given intentions, like lavender for calming, or rosemary for protection.

3. Healthy Tea Spell

Whether you drink tea, water, or coffee, take a moment to hold your beverage in your hands and focus on the nourishment the drink will give you. Focus on an affirmation like I am healthy. Bonus points if you’re drinking tea and the herbs are good for your health, like green tea for detoxification or lemon and honey for antibacterial.

Taking safety precautions to protect you, your health, and your loved ones is important. Adding a bit of magick can give extra energy and focus to manifest those intentions for good health. Make sure to follow protocols in your area, and figure out create ways to still use magick in your day to day.

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