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Magick for Newborns and Babies

Just last November we welcomed a baby girl into our family – my niece. I have the blessing of living with her, my sister, and my brother-in-law, and I’ve had the joy of incorporating a little subtle magick into her life.

The baby’s mother is Catholic, and her father from a Hindu background, and me (the all important auntie) from a secular witchy one. That’s a lot of cultures and traditions to incorporate, but we’ve got it down pretty well by now! Here are five ways we use “magick” to help soothe and protect baby.

1. Taking from her Indian parentage and culture, we made sure to put a black dot behind her ear, using a bit of nontoxic eyeliner, charcoal, or other things that were safe for baby. This in Hindu tradition is done to protect the baby from evil eye, evil spirits, bad luck, nightmares…you know, the whole shebang.

2. Her catholic mother put up a little statue of a protective saint in the nursery, just on the nightstand. This of course invites the saint into the room to watch over baby (and the parents!) while they take care of the little one. You can switch this to a goddess, deity, or other important figure in your culture associated with motherhood, protection, or newborns and infants.

3. I made an easy better sleep lavender sachet for baby when she began to not sleep as well. Now there is a debate on whether this worked or not…but nonetheless, here’s what I did. I used a soft sachet and filled it with lavender buds, and popped in a little amethyst crystal. Then, we tied it to the side of the crib – on the outside, and on the side opposite her head, for safety. Also, do not use essential oils around a newborn or infant without doing proper research on what oils are safe and at what age. Lavender essential oil (all essential oils, actually) are not safe for newborns.

4. Selenite in the nursery – when mother noticed the baby monitor detecting movement when there was no one in the room, not even the child, she looked at me and said “tell the ghost to go away.” Now, I think it is likely this often occurs due to air movements from the vent and dust particles, but nonetheless, I popped a selenite wand in the nursery with the intention of keeping the room light, cleansed, and protected. Since then…I don’t think the monitor has detected this strange movement.

5. You can also charm baby blankets, stuffed animals, and toys with intention of better sleep, comfort, calm, protection, and other things. Just make sure to not put anything on the object that would be unsafe for a baby’s skin, or for them to ingest (they really do put everything in their mouths).

How have you helped a baby in your life using magick? Let us know over on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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