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Look Inside My Magickal Travel Altar

If you haven’t checked out how to build a travel altar, we’ve got a great post on the subject here.

But if you’re looking for some inspiration, allow me to show you my travel altar.

While old mint cans are common for travel altars, I honestly find it hard to put enough stuff in them. They look cute so small, but aren’t practical to me.

Enter, my vintage suitcase. Or, a vintage looking suitcase.

It fits everything I need, herb bundles, essential oils (as I am personally not a fan of incense), and divination tools.

Inside I have:

Lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, and vetiver. Not only do I like these scents, but rosemary can replace any herb in any spell or magical working. I can use these oils to anoint candles or myself, in diffusers, and inside spell jars.

Mala Beads:

These are perfect for affirmation workings and meditation.

Divination Tools:

Usually three of my five tarot and oracle decks fit within the suitcase. Depending on what I’m using them for, what question I’m asking, and other thing’s, I’ll switch them out.

Just a couple of my favorites, like some rocks I’ve collected from travels, or crystals I feel strongly connected to like amethyst – which also have a wide variety of uses.

Anything else within is based on the spell I’m wanting to do. The string pictures is for a chord cutting ritual (stay tuned to the blog and our Instagram on my favorite chord cutting ritual).

What do you keep in your travel or to-go altars? Comment below!

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