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Long-Distance Tarot Reading

We may still be far away from our loved ones and friends, and may still need some urgent advice from our most trusted tarot readers. So, can readings be done long distance?

The short answer is, yes.

As we’ve seen from pick-a-card readers on YouTube, not only can a reader tap into the energy of a large group long distance, but they also offer readings via email or private video. Some readers are even offering Zoom sessions now.

Cosmic Corner is still doing readings safely in person. If you’re in the Savannah, GA area, you can book a reading here.

Still, if you have a friend across a long distance that needs tarot read, it can still be done.

I would say one of the most important things in long distance readings is the connection between the reader and questioner.

Connection is what allows the cards and the reader to access the energy of the questioner, no matter how far the distance is. The more the customer is allowed to interact with the cards, whether that’s holding them if you’re comfortable, or picking out a deck, the more their energy will be attached to the reading, thus being more accurate to them and their needs.

In person, it’s easy to establish this connection by shaking hands, speaking to one another, or reading the energy of the room. Across distance, there are other ways to do it. Here are three of my favorites:

1. Have them pick the deck

If you have multiple decks, send a picture of the back of each one, and have them pick out one or two that they’re drawn to. This already sets the tone for a more personal, interactive reading.

Need more beautiful decks? Shop here. A current favorite of mine the Ethereal Visions deck, a beautiful, fairy-tale worthy deck.

2. Have them pick the number of cards

I always ask my questioners to say the first number that comes to mind after handing me the cards or asking me the question. If they say a number that’s 10 or less, I pull that many cards. If they say a number that’s higher, I add each digit until it becomes 10 or less (If they say 23, 2+3 = 5. I’d pull 5 cards).

3. Have them pick the cards

Pull a few cards at a time, and lay them face down. Send a picture, or have the questioner pick which one(s) of the cards they’d like in their reading. Do this over and over until you have enough cards for your reading.

Long-distance tarot is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Have you tried? Share your tips in the comments, or over on our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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