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LGBTQ+ Witchcraft

courtesy of CottonBro on Unsplash

One of my favorite things about the witchy community is how accepting it is. There is something about spiritual and witchcraft practices that can help a person really take control of their lives, and help manifest happiness, abundance, and success – no matter what those terms mean to you.

The practice can help marginalized communities take back their power – in fact, in an article for Spectrum of the South, Kelly M. Marshall highlights that throughout history, rises of “witch-mania have coincided with times where marginalized populations feel disempowered.” It can truly create a sense of community, and help create a sense of pride for the people that are part of them.

As Cosmic Corner Savannah is LGBTQ+ owned, today, I’d like to spotlight a few spells created by queer witches over on Tumblr. Personally, I don’t find a lot of these spells floating around on the internet much – though maybe that’s just my personal algorithm – so I’d like to share a few

resources for anyone looking for more LGBTQ+ witchcraft.

Please note, we at Cosmic Corner did not write these spells. Their creators & their full posts will be linked! However, we may link to ingredients that Cosmic Corner sells.

Queerpagan’s Glamors to Prevent Misgendering:

Use basic “force of will glamors,” for example: “I am this, people will perceive me as this.”

Try invisibility glamors to avoid dangerous foes out in public: “I am invisible, you cannot see me.”

Enchant jewelry with the energy of the gender you wish to be perceived as.

Bottle-Witch’s Spell for Protection While Coming Out as Trans:


Small bottle or jar (one that may fit in your hand or pocket)

Salt, for protection

Sugar, to sweeten a relationship

Herbs representing the person(s) you want to come out to

Herbs representing yourself and how you want to be seen

Optional – loose glitter in a reassuring color


Select and cleanse your bottle.

Mix salt, sugar, and glitter. Pour into bottle until half-full

Add herbs you associate with the other person(s)

Add herbs you associate with yourself

Seal bottle however you see fit – like sigil, incantation, wax, fabric, etc.

Bring the bottle with you to the conversation, hold tightly when you feel you need support.

TanyaReadsTarot’s Emoji Spell for LGBT Community’s Love & Happiness


A longer spell by TheWitchingHour for self-love for LGBTA+ Witches

This post contains great information, but is so long, you can check it out here.

Here are a couple LGBT+ / Pride Prompts for Grimoires by Funky-Witch-Ideas:

- Write gratitude ritual for acknowledging history of pride

- Make a list of associations for different genders

- Create a glamour inspired by Drag

- Make a page of many filled with mantras for self-love and confidence

- Make sigils to encourage self-acceptance and confidence.

- Write a list of magical correspondences, tools, crystals, etc. that match with your pride flag

- And many more here.

Lastly, feel free to shop our Queer and LGBT collections for books, tarot, and more centered around embracing who you are.

If you’ve got any other resources that fellow LGBTQ+ witches would love to hear about, please, link them in the comments below, or comment on our Instagram post.

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