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Last Minute Witchy Gift Ideas

Rushing to get some shopping done for the holidays tomorrow? Is it not Yule or Christmas time? These three ideas are perfect for last minute shopping for any sabbat, holiday, or birthday.

Candles, candles, and more candles

Listen, we witches need candles, all the time. Scented, unscented, jar candles, pillar candles, chime candles. They’re easy to find, usually pretty inexpensive, and are quite useful for a multitude of things.

Jars of all shapes and sizes

Another thing we witches need. Jars for storage, and jar spells, and potions, and did I mention storage and spells? If there’s one thing my witchy friends are saying they always need…it’s jars.

We sell tiny ones perfect for spells, but thrifting ones can be really affordable. Or, scour your own kitchen! My favorite jars are recycled, cleaned out pasta jars.

Baked good complete with the recipe spell card.

It’s no secret baked goods are always shared during the holidays. Consumables are great gifts for those you don’t know too well, and are also the best for the environmentalist witch. Bake some kitchen witchery into a delicious sweet, such as adding a secret spice to those chocolate chip cookies, or one spell from your own arsenal. Then, to make the gift last, write the recipe and the spell on an index card for safe keeping.

What are you gifting for the holidays? What about what you’re wishing to receive? Let us know over on Instagram!

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