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Intuitive Personal Associations

I’ve been spiritual for about seven years now. And early on in my journey, I very much was one to look up correspondences, associations, and the sort – and then, I believed and lived by them. Every full moon I took a bath and tried to release something, and every new moon I tried to set intentions and plan.

Somewhere along the way, maybe between moving to a dorm and then apartment and then back home and then back and (well, you get the idea) I fell out of practice. I still paid attention to the moon cycle – heck, my job literally depended on it.

But there was no longer that sense of connection. I was still drawn to it and wanted to connect, but it was like tripping in the dark. Not sure why or on what, but I faltered over and over.

The exception was that certain moons I felt much more, particularly the eclipses. It seemed the traditional meaning of them did resonate with what seemed to happen in my life. Things were taken, things were given. They were either times of great joy, or great struggle.

So why didn’t the meaning of the moon cycles work with me?

I still can’t tell you why. I’m sure I’ll ever be able to.

What I did instead, was journal. And by journal, I mean I wrote down a sentence or two in my phone’s note section every week. Just about how I felt, how my energy levels were, what sort of rituals and magick I was drawn to, what my thoughts were like, and so on.

What I found was that for me personally…the full moon and new moon seemed to flip.

Around the new moon, I felt like it was time for shadow work, deep exploration, and releasing what needed to be released. I felt it was a better time for cleansing, letting go, chord cutting, and so on. It was the full moon that I felt filled with energy and creativity, and thus felt more vigor when it came to planning and setting intentions.

Maybe that doesn’t make sense or work with other people, but it works for me. And I only just recently figured it out.

Many things in the spiritual and witchy community will be like that – not just for me, but for you too. Sometimes textbook definitions and what the general consensus is literally just does not compute in your brain or your practice.

So stop trying to fit yourself in that little box, and ask yourself how you feel and think.

How do you feel around the full moon? How do you feel when you pick up an amethyst crystal, or use rosemary, or hold the four of wands in your hand? Sometimes what the consensus is, we will agree with. Other times…we’ll need to come up with our own personal associations.

Cosmic Corner is a great place to get affordable materials to test how you associate things. Color magick can be tested with our rainbow of chime candles, or try your hand at personal associations of crystals with our tumbled stones. Or, just explore the shop and see what you’re drawn to – my personal favorite is the bath and self-care section.

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