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Intentional and Magical Tattoos

Thousands and people adorn their skins with permanent art as tattoos. But what if those tattoos could serve as something greater than sentimental value or beauty; what if they could be pieces of magic?

Of course, not everything on our bodies has to be a spiritual, or magical, or anything other than something we just find beautiful. But, the amount of intention and thought that goes into a tattoo can give it a powerful, magical focus to bring manifestations into your daily life.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Intention

Certain tattoos can carry great weight. They can be reminders of what we wish to enact in our lives, or be given as offerings to those we care about or worship. If you want to add magic to your tattoo, really think about the intention behind why you’re getting it. What is its purpose? Its meaning?

2. Placement

Where we get things on our bodies can have significance too. Different cultures associate different parts of the body with different things. Each of our fingers is associated with a different planet and god. The chest represents something completely different than the feet.

3. Visuals & Symbols

If you wish to make an offering or commitment to a deity, a visual of that deity or one of its associations may be powerful for you. It doesn’t have to be as obvious as sacred geometry. It can be something much more personal, too.

4. Sigils

A basic magic tattoo many people get is a sigil. It’s something small, yet powerful, that you can come up with yourself and get inked on forever. It’s a great way to really focus an intention into a piece of art.

The act of getting the tattoo itself is the activation of the symbol or intention. It’s what puts the thought into its physical form, which brings whatever you ask for or intend into your life.

Have you ever gotten a spiritual or magic related tattoo? Let us know on our Instagram and facebook @cosmiccornersavannah, or comment below.

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