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In Defense of Tarot Card Collecting (Or Hoarding)

Here’s the thing: to some people, I really don’t own that many tarot decks. To others, I own too many. And technically, yeah, you really only need one deck. It’s utilitarian minimalism at its finest. If you just read for yourself, and ask basic questions, I guess you don’t need more than one deck.

But to me, it’s collecting art in the most accessible way.

If you want to get the practical reasons to justify buying so many decks, let’s get them out of the way:

· There are many types of decks – pip decks, oracle, rider-waite, hermetic, etc. You might just want one of each kind.

· If you do either-or readings – choice A and choice b, and see how either ends up – you might want a different deck in case cards want to repeat

· Reading for others and you want sperate decks or more varied readings for clients

Again though, for me, it’s more like collecting art.

Art is historically expensive, especially fine art. There are thousands of small artists though, with such beautiful and different art styles, that are creating tarot decks at a variety of prices. The art for the Tarot of the Divine, for example, is so storybook and painterly compared the inky line art of the traditional tarot, and even vastly different from indie Author Carmen Larua Loup’s bright, lively cartoon style.

I’ve yet to see another artist put runes on cards like Cocorina, and there are other small artists or “influencers” that come out with decks that are beautiful and I want to show my support for.

It’s functional art. It’s art you can hold in one hand, interact with on a spiritual and mundane level, and connect with. It brings you joy, it helps you understand yourself and the spiritual realm and life a little better. It helps you support artists.

In the spiritual world, they can be used for readings, for spells and rituals. To study and deepen your understanding of history and the occult. To connect with dieites and higher energies – and each deck and its different art style or topic will help you connect in a different way or to a different thing.

So, I see absolutely nothing wrong with hoarding different decks.

You can view our full tarot deck collection here, or leave a comment about your favorite deck that you think we should carry.

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