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I Read My Tarot Every Day for a Week

Okay, maybe not every day. But for the past three weeks, every 2-3 days, I’ve been waking up with the urge to read my tarotyou can view my collection and see what cards I’m using here. Quite frankly, it had been a tool to extend the relaxation that comes with waking up still a tad sleepy, and allowed me to be more present with my mornings.

It allowed me to tap back into spirituality and relax.

Honestly, I haven’t been interacting with spirituality or metaphysics much recently, just because life is busy. So waking up with the urge to read tarot so often lately has definitely been something I told myself I need to give into – and deserve to give into.

Let’s face it, hustle culture doesn’t allow much time for breaks and slow living, unless you schedule it in. I’ve seen schedules where people give themselves about 2 hours a day to cook, eat, shower, and interact with loved ones and friends, and do something they enjoy.

Adding tarot to my little routine has made breakfast (my favorite meal of the day, by the way) much slower, much more romantic, and much more relaxing.

I didn’t ask my cards any questions.

Rather, I just let them tell me what they thought I needed to know. Maybe it’s because I’ve been too exhausted making other decisions and stressing, and I only have one question I would ask. And because of the stress mindset, it wouldn’t be a good question to ask.

This little process has allowed me to just sit back, and surrender – if only for two to three minutes.

The cards will speak. They will tell you something. Sometimes it makes sense and you know exactly what they’re referencing. Other times, it will take you a day or two to figure it out. But it’s always relevant, and always more than you thought you needed to hear.

What you can do if you don’t have time:

Listen, we all got lives. Some of us literally have zero seconds to ourselves during the day, or when we finally do have a minute, we are too exhausted to do anything but plop on the TV or YouTube. I get it. On days I feel like that, I:

  • pop on a pick a card reading on YouTube and listen while I do something else – almost like a podcast

  • pick one card and put it somewhere I’ll see (by the computer, or bathroom mirror for me) so that way I can contemplate while doing mundane things like turning on the computer, waiting for something to render, or brushing my teeth.

  • don’t worry about it. Yup. Do not worry about it. If it doesn’t fit into your every day routine, that’s normal and okay. Maybe something else does. Maybe you truly read tarot when you do have desire and the time. Not doing it everyday or every breakfast or every-whatever is perfectly fine. Don’t add something to your list if it’s gonna stress you out more.

If you’re interested in learning to read tarot, we’ve got some classes at Cosmic Corner that will help you deepen your existing understanding of the cards, or learn from scratch. I’ve linked them here for you.

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