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I Got A Reiki Healing Treatment: Now I see Auras

My entire life I’ve thought humans glow. I thought it was a trick of the light – a faint, whiteish glow fitting snuggly against a teacher’s head as they stood across from the classroom window. I stared blankly, wondered if any of my peers could see the same thing.

Then suddenly, it happened when I was watching videos. The glow followed wherever the speaker moved.

I’d been part of the spiritual community for the last two years of my high school experience, but it never hit me that I was seeing Auras. I was simply convinced there was something different about my eyes.

Then my freshman year of college, my witch roommate told me I was probably seeing faint auras.

“But aren’t the white ones rare?” I asked. She shrugged. She was raised by a Wiccan mother, but was rather new to the practice herself, and her specialty was not auras but rather spirits.

One night we hung out with the neighbor, a girl also interested in the craft and spirituality in general. And she told me she had a friend up in Vermont who was studying to be a Reiki practitioner, and was looking for someone to practice with.

Long story short, a few nights later I was meditating in my room with headphones on, while a stranger in Vermont did it at the same time. It was the deepest meditation I’d ever had – I came out on the other side unable to speak. All I could do was smile with heavy eyelids, and watch the roommates banter over a game.

And everyone around me glowed – this time in color.

One roommate was yellow, the other an everchanging mix with every glance I took towards her.

The Reiki practitioner gave me a reading. He painted pictures of birds and still oceans, mentioning things that I felt were specific to me, messages I needed, and images that I connected with.

I felt at peace. I felt like I could stand straight. I felt like something within was unlocked.

And the next morning, everyone still glowed in color. Brightly, vibrantly. Auras everywhere – I noticed when people were speaking it turned blue, but a majority of classmates were yellow or orange.

My best friend was purple, crazy vibrant purple. She laughed, said, “Well, it is my favorite color.”

I’m not saying you need Reiki in order to see Auras.

I’m saying that Reiki is powerful. It can unlock talents you already have within you. It can open your eyes to the world right in front of you.

Now, I can go a little closer than Vermont. You can book your own Reiki reading or certification class here, for right here in Savannah, GA.

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