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How to write a spell or ritual personalized to you

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Sometimes we look and look online for a pre-written spell to match our needs and desires. It’s convenient to have one that is already written and thought through.

But honestly, sometimes spells and rituals we write ourselves are more powerful – or quite frankly, what we’d like to manifest is so personal and specific that we need to write one ourselves.

If you don’t know where to begin, it might seem overwhelming and turn you off. I promise, it’s easier than it seems. You can follow this method:

1. Think of the intention you want to manifest.

For me personally, I don’t try and write rituals or spells unless I have a need for something I’m actively trying to manifest or work on. For example, it would be harder for me to write a candle spell if I don’t know what I’m lighting the candle for. But if I’m interested in dreams and have been receiving messages through dreams, I might want to create a spell to more easily remember my dreams.

2. Brainstorm some associations, ingredients, or ideas that you already have

I like to brainstorm my own ideas first. I’ll write down a messy list of some things I want to use, like maybe that pretty jar, or using my favorite crystal to charge it. I’ll write down what I personally associate with the intention. For example, for dream magick, I associate the colors pink and purple. Then, I think of what I might want to do that resonates specifically with me. I love and collect pajamas, so maybe enchanting a pair. Maybe drinking magickal tea before bed. All ideas get written down.

3. Research for similar spells – see what they use and how

Only after my own ideas do I research for similar ones. This just gives me new ideas of ingredients, or helps me see what processes and steps other people take. Think of it as some inspiration for yours, rather than following or copying theirs word for word. For example, I didn’t remember bay leaves were good for prophetic dreaming, but the research reminded me.

4. Write down the steps first

I always write the steps of the spell first. I just sit and write a progression that feels right. Perhaps I’m creating a dream-sleep spray. It makes sense to find a comfortable position to sit, and then write down all the affirmations and sigils with intention.

As I go through, I underline or highlight the ingredients or materials I do use, so they’re easy to find later.

5. Write down the ingredients after

After I finish writing the spell, I then go back and write all the ingredients or materials. When I format the final spell or ritual, I’ll put these at the top of the instructions, but when I’m writing it, it’s easier for me to go with the flow and see what feels natural rather trying to stick to a set list of items.

Then, try out your spell or ritual. You may need to make adjustments, or not. If you want, you can then write our a more formalized spell somewhere more special or fancy. If not, then you don’t have to!

I kept mentioning some dream magick as an example…if you’d like to see the finished spell (and the process of writing) I used for this post, make sure to check out our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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