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How to Work With the Archangels

I have always been fascinated with the archangels, but it wasn’t until recently that I started to look into researching them and working with them – and learning is a slow process. But, if you’re curious about who the archangels are, why you would want to work with them, and which ones to work with, this is the master post for you.

There seem to be two veins of thought when it comes to working with archangels: the first being that they are of Abrahamic faith origins (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) and are servants and messengers of God, and the second being that the angelic realm is an entirely separate dimension, here to help the earthly realm ascend, and just happened to appear to those important people in the Bible.

Whichever you choose to believe is up to you. Just know that when researching, it may be hard to find sources that don’t mention the bible, Torah, or Qur’an.

Still, the archangels are beings of divine and heavenly light. They are genderless, though they will often times appear as a gender. Other angels that are not archangels will do the same; they will create a form that may have a gender, look, and / or name that best suits working with you without shocking, distracting, or scaring you.

Because most of all, they’re here to help. They’re here to guide, protect, and nurture us so that we can rise in vibration, happiness, and manifest our best lives – just like any other divine being you may work with.

Working with them has been the easiest for me out of working with spirit guides and spirits, though I’ve never tried deity work as of writing this. You can read more about my first experience with Archangel Michael, and see that all it really took was asking for his protection.

There aren’t many that leave offerings to the archangels, though some do create altars. Even so, while with deity work it is very often a loud ask of the deity to receive offerings and have an altar made, the angels don’t seem to ask for anything back – that does not mean you should take advantage though. Gratitude is the best attitude.

Still, you can call in the angels easily with different incenses and resins, by working with crystals (check out our list of recommended ones here), or plain old meditation or thought. It really is up to you and what works best with you.

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