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How to Use Our Moon Kits

Every new and full moon, we send out a “moon kit” through our newsletters, on Facebook, and on our website. If you need more guidance on how to use these moon kits to your advantage, this post has you covered.

Each kit comes with a mantra.

These mantras can be made into sigils and burned for activation, meditated on, used with mala or prayer beads, or repeated in your thoughts for the whole day.

Each kit comes with correspondences.

Crystals, elements, colors, and chakra associations are included in every moon kit. Simply grab these crystals and put them in your pocket for the day or spend some time meditating with them. Work with that element for the day – for example if it’s water, drink more water, or if it’s earth, go for a walk barefoot. Do some investigation into how open your chakra’s are, or play background music that corresponds with that chakra.

One of my favorite things to do is use these elements while I meditate, or keep them on my desk while I work on the journal prompt for the moon.

Each kit comes with a recipe.

For all the kitchen witches, or those who like to cozy up with a cup of tea, the included recipes are meant to bring mindfulness into your cooking and your daily habits. Plus, tea and snacks are a wonderful addition to journal work. Stay hydrated and satiated while you write!

Each kit comes with a journal prompt.

A short, sweet journal prompt intended to get you thinking and working with the energies of that moon is included. While actually sitting down to contemplate and write the prompts out and discover yourself is ideal, some can be used as a question in the morning.

For example, the Aries prompt is: “What creative energies can I play with?”

While writing them down in a journal and exploring the significance may be useful, the question can be asked in the morning, and intention art or exploration can be done later in the day. Mindful painting, building, or problem-solving can be just as fulfilling as a journal prompt.

Like the intention of the moon kits? Sign up for our moonthly newsletters and follow us on Facebook to receive each one.

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