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How to Start Being a Witch

Last week we covered how to start a spiritual practice. I would still give that one a read if you’re considering starting a witchcraft practice, because the same concepts apply. But to sum that article up: if there’s something that’s been drawing your into witchcraft, research and practice that first.

But there are some other important key reminders for practitioners that I feel apply specifically to starting a witchy practice (old and new).

The first being that protection is key.

There is a world of entities, deities, and interactions with other witches (online or in-person) that you can come across in your practice. But also, sometimes just making sure you are safe to research and practice without judgement from others is a good thing.

Finding or creating some basic protection rituals is so important, as they’re often easy to do, but can create a protective energy around you that services more than just keeping negative “energies” away. It can literally keep negative, draining people out of your life, or prevent car accidents, or any other practical things.

Remember to make this practice your own.

Depending on the social platform, you might come across gatekeeping or specific rules that other witches tell you that you must follow. My thoughts? As long as you are not stealing from another culture or closed practice, it’s up to you what you can do. Want to practice jinx and hexes? Go for it if you have good reason. Want to work with deities as a beginner? Do it after some research! We even have a Tik Tok about how you can use unconventional items in your practice.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Yes, having a pretty name for your path like “hedge witch” might be fun. And if you want to go towards that practice, go for it! Just remember that even after two…five…ten years of being a witch, you will still be learning new things about the practice and traditions, and you may shift to try out different things, switch labels, or ditch them all together. Don’t feel tied down to anything. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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