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How to Start A Spiritual Practice

So you want to be more spiritual, or start a spiritual practice, but you’re total unsure of where to begin. This week, we’ll go over how to start a spiritual practice, and next week, we’ll go over how to start a witchcraft practice – so stay tuned for that!

The answer is, unfortunately, there’s no set way to do it. Unless you’re deciding to follow a particular religion, in which case talking to a leader within that group would do you better. However, if you’d just like to be more spiritual in general, there are a couple of suggestions I have.

What drew you into spirituality in the first place?

Research more into that!

For me, I’d always been drawn to crystals and crystal energies. So when I was finally ready to start being more spiritual, I researched how to work with crystals, how their energies worked. I began collecting them, cleansing them, meditating with them, sleeping with them, and writing down how I felt with each one.

Maybe for your it’s that you have vivid dreams, and want to know what they mean. Maybe for you, you’re drawn into the calming effects of meditation and yoga. There had to be something, even if it’s just an Instagram post, that made you want to start being spiritual. That’s where you should start.

Decide to hold yourself accountable.

For me personally, I decided to do a “year and a day” of practice, which is commonly associated with Wiccan religious tradition, but has been seen all over the world from ancient times to modern day. Everyday, dedicate yourself to doing something. Maybe it’s meditating, maybe it’s tarot reading, maybe it’s looking things up and researching. Maybe some days you only have time to light a candle, or take a few deep breaths before bed. It doesn’t have to be big! It’s just about creating a spiritual habit.

We’ve got one more tip over on our Instagram, so be sure to check that out here.

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