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How to Sense Energy

I’ve considered myself spiritual for more than five years now, and have never been taught to feel or sense energy – other than just “trusting my intuition.” We hear all the time that different crystals have different energy, different herbs have different energy, and so on and so forth.

But no one ever teaches us how to actually feel it, truly, with our bare hands.

So that’s what I want to do today.

Full disclosure, I’m still practicing and playing around with the method. Another disclosure, sensing this energy still does require focus. It’s not like suddenly you’ll be able to feel the energy of everything just by standing in the room – which I think is a good thing.

Here’s what you do:

First, try and sense your own energy first, and try and gather it all in the same place.

Energy feels absolutely different to everyone. For me, it feels like a bit of tightness in whatever area I’m trying to pull my energy to. And, it will rest comfortably in different spots in the body depending on the person. Mine rests nicely in my chest, nestled in my heart space.

Really take your time to gather and feel your own energy. Do it with your eyes closed too! Does it have a particular color? Maybe a particular feel? Temperature?

Secondly, try and move the energy to one or both of your hands.

Take your time with it, but you should be able to slowly move the energy to your hands. Maybe it prefers one hand over the other. But let it rest there. See if the feeling changes any.

Personally, mine feels tingly in my hand, like it’s ready to gather information and sense something.

Lastly, try and put an object in your hand.

Try something like a crystal, herb, tarot card, or something that is supposed to have metaphysical properties. I did so with my crystals first.

Let your energy wrap around that object in your hand, if that makes sense. It may take a bit of visualization or shifting of awareness, but eventually you should pick up on the energy of the object.

Take note of any colors, smells, emotional feelings, physical feelings, or thoughts and visualizations that you have. Write these down in a safe space or personal notebook.

These are called personal associations, and may be different than what you read on the internet. But it’s fine! It’s how you personally felt the energy of that item, and is completely valid.

Other notes on sensing energy:

Everyone senses it differently. Some say it feels like an electric buzz or shock, some say they feel it as either heat and warmth or coldness radiating from the object. Some feel it in vibrations, some visualize it better than feeling it physically.

But I promise, it will quickly become apparent what it feels like for you, even with just one practice run.

And, different objects that are made of the same material may feel slightly different too. Two amethyst crystals of different shapes and sizes may have the same base energy but different strengths, or may have slightly different elements to them.

I find it creates a more intimate connection between you and your tools, and is well worth trying out!

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