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How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards

Whether you’ve been reading tarot for years, or are only a beginner, there’s a big difference between reading for others and for yourself. There’s much debate about whether you even should read your own tarot.

Speaking of which, if you’re in the Savannah area and would like a reading, or to learn about reading the tarot, we offer many appointment and teaching options here.

We won’t judge if you choose to read your own tarot. Rather, we’d like to give you some tips on how to get the best reading for yourself.

1. Read when you’re calm

I’m sure we’ve all heard not to read our tarot when we’re emotional. A better tip would be to wait until you’re calm – that is, don’t read right after you cried, or in the middle of an anxiety attack. Rather, let that emotion calm for a little before picking up your deck.

2. Take a picture & notes

I often will take a picture of my tarot spread, or write it out / draw a picture in a journal. I’ll then write the question, and what I think the tarot says. Often times, I’ll come back to this reading later, when I’m in a different mindset (let’s face it, our moods and opinions can change daily) and double check if I still think it means the same thing. If not, I’ll write a new interpretation. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

However, I often don’t try more than twice. The tarot isn’t definite, and asking too many times may confuse you.

3. Use your intuition first

See what your mind says, then go to google. However, I do recommend as a beginner checking out various tarot meaning websites – that’s because as a beginner, we may still be seeing what we want to see in the tarot, rather than what we need to hear. Then again…use your heart. Sometimes we see something no professional reader could ever see, because it’s personal to us.

4. If it makes no sense, there’s a reason

If it feels messy, there’s probably a reason. That’s when you should set the cards aside, and get a reading done. Your head is probably too stressed and messy to make sense of it – and that’s completely okay!

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