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How to Know if your Space is Sacred

Looking out at my space this morning, I had the faintest thought; this, this moment is sacred. This space I’d created, without even trying, is sacred.

Cosmic Corner is all about creating your personal sacred space.

And while we’ve done a whole series on creating that sacred space, I realize I’ve left out one detail: how to know it’s done. How to know it’s right.

The answer may seem or feel obvious – that it will feel right. But that’s what everyone says. Some of us could use a little guidance on what that means.

1. You feel gravitated towards it

If you’re space gives you the feelings you intended it to, you’ll be drawn to spend time in that space. You’ll be drawn to sit in that chair. You’ll be drawn to use the desk. You’ll be drawn to take pictures of it, to show your friends or even social media.

2. It feels like you

When you’re in that space, or when you see it, you definitely think it’s an accurate visualization of you. It may not fit into general design terms, like “bo-ho” or “mid-century modern,” but rather when people see it, they immediately think of you.

It really is that simple. A space that’s perfected for you, your intentions, and your goals will scream – or whisper – your name, and call you towards it. That’s how you know it’s sacred.

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