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How to Get Back Into Your Practice

Whether we suddenly become overwhelmed with other life duties and our practices slip to the wayside, or our mental health declines and things suddenly take 10 times the energy they used to, or any other reason for pausing your practice…sometimes it can feel overwhelming to get back into. Sometimes we don’t know how to.

But it is possible, and there are a few ways you can go about slowly getting back into the swing of things, or jumping directly back into your spiritual side.

1. The first way is to return to your foundations

Go back to the basics of meditation (I know I can’t meditate nearly as well as I used to be able to). Basics of protection, cleansing. Relearn what goes into creating a spell or ritual. Cover intention. Or, reread the mythos, legends, and history of your chosen practice. For example, if you work with celtic deities, go back and reread the historical pieces from that time, and relearn the mythos of that pantheon.

2. The second is to go back to what got you into spirituality / paganism / witchcraft in the first place.

For me it was astrology and crystals. For you it may be protection magick or baneful magick. Maybe Buddhist philosophy is actually what got you started. Going back and relearning or refocusing on those things may rekindle a childlike wonder, or help you remember what it is you love so much about your craft and practice. It also might just be a good, gentle refresher, so you don’t get overwhelmed again.

3. And the third is to allow yourself to start completely from scratch.

Again, for me it was astrology and crystals. But astrology doesn’t quite make me feel the same anymore, and that’s okay! Right now, it’s working with plant energies and herbalism. If something new is tickling your fancy or making you want to do this again, focus on that! Your practice shouldn’t be a chore. If you’re feeling a new deity or spirit wanting to work with you, that’s okay! It doesn’t discredit or undo everything you’ve learned before.

Overall, your practice is a journey. There will be times where you don’t feel anything, and times where you want to put all your energy there. Go with the flow. And if you feel a little lost as you get restarted, hopefully these tips have guided you well.

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