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How to Find Your Community: Witchy or Spiritual, Online or In-Person

One of the biggest complaints about the witchcraft community is the lack of, well, community. While many other religions and practices have temples or churches, it can be quite hard to find a place where you and your fellow witches or spiritualists can come together and practice opening – especially since that while the general acceptance of these practices is on the rise, it still raises many eyebrows.

The first solution is online community. Scroll through Tumblr and you’ll find many people inviting other witches to Discord or Facebook groups to help convene online and discuss their practices. Many people find these large, and therefore hard to connect one on one with others, or simply hard to find a group that matches your exact interests and beliefs. But, it might still be a good option to find your people and then branch off.

Instagramers offer many paid online courses and Patreon groups, or virtual rituals, often times happening around every full and new moon. I find these are good options if you’re seeking something smaller and more intimate, and if you want to find people who match your energy and beliefs.

At Cosmic Corner Savannah, we like to offer space for in-person gathering and community through various classes and workshops. And, weather permitting, once per season we host a festival to encourage community in the area between practitioners, spiritualists, artists, and sellers, while hosting family-friendly ritual and activities (Our Fall Festival is Oct. 30th, this year!)

Classes range in terms of price and topic, and we try to really make sure there is something for everyone, switching between Yoga and sound healing, tarot classes, and various herbal workshops that change throughout the year.

If you’re not around Savannah, GA, the best way I think to find something similar is to look up shops in your area and see if they offer similar things. I know in Post Falls, Idaho, there are quite a few shops within 30 minutes offering in-person gathering and workshop.

But if there are no shops near you? Virtual and online is probably the best way to go, at least to create a call to action. Think about creating your own monthly book club, herbal discussion group, or moon circle. Public libraries and parks often allow meetings at no cost, but small restaurants and coffee shops may ask that you buy some of their food or reserve space. You may be surprised how many people raise their hands and say, “I’ve been dying for something like this!”

Sometimes, our only option is to call for and create our own ideal community.

It may take time and patience, but that’s really how we find our people anyway. Again, you can always come and find those people over on our events page if you’re in Savannah, GA or surrounding areas.

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