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how to create a vision board

As we approach the new year (and the new moon tomorrow) it’s a great time to be thinking about plans and visions, whether it’s for the next year, or our lives in general. So yes, here is yet another blog post from yet another blog, telling you how to make a vision board.

But let me offer a unique perspective I’m sort of stealing from Sorelle Amore.

Why don’t we divide our vision boards?

While sometimes having one single board we can place in a frame, or a wallpaper for our phones and computers can be helpful, that’s a lot of information to shove into one tiny space. And if you’re anything like me, you may be uber specific about a lot of things. Take my dream home for example – I have a dream kitchen, a dream office, and so on. One picture definitely can’t fit that in.

So, I encourage you as your first step, to create some categories.

Dream house, dream job, dream closet, for example. And make a separate vision board for all of these things. Me personally? I broke it down even further in an entire journal: physical body, job/business, finance, spiritual practice, mind and emotions, dream house(s), dream social life, and dream relationship (for romance and platonic).

Wow. That’s a lot!

Because of that, suggestion number 2: take. Your. Time.

I’m still not done creating my vision journal! I’ve gotten some sections down, but left space for the future in case I feel like I forgot something, or if my vision changes. I took my time finding images that really capture what I like and want – or for some things, left it up to words alone. I started this early November, and I’m still not finished.

Write down what the law of attraction and manifestation mean to you.

The first page in my book is my personal definitions for these, and the steps to start activating them. Including, a gratitude list. The next page is then a gratitude list with space to add more – therefore, I’m putting intention and action into the book before it even begins.

I guess this turned moreso into a how to create a vision journal, but I seriously think it’s worth considering over a vision board. It allows you to be more detailed, specific, and curious about what you really want in all areas of your life – not just superficial ones. Yes, we all want that dream house and definitely deserve it…but we also all deserve genuine happiness and true friends, don’t you think?

Have you started your vision board? Let us know over on Instagram!

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