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How to Connect with the Seasons When There Are No Seasons

Right now as I write this in Maryland, it’s cold, wet, and rainy. Snow from the last weekend is still lingering on the ground. But right now in Savannah, the sweater is high 60s with a little bit of clouds. As Imbolc creeps closer, supposedly as the first sign of spring, it feels like there’s a disconnect.

How are we supposed to connect to the traditional seasons when they don’t always coincide with what the weather is outside – especially in very northern or very southern climates.

There’s two easy solutions to me: the first, simply don’t follow the traditional wheel of the year.

I would recommend reading Year of the Witch by Temperance Alden for those who don’t always feel connected. Sometimes, we just need a gentle reminder that we don’t need to be doing everything that everyone else is doing, or that we are welcome to celebrate things at different times, or that we can create our own associations or holidays, if we want.

If February first isn’t the first sign of spring, then don’t celebrate Imbolc that day, unless you want to. Or, celebrate when there are signs of spring in your area. That’s probably how they used to do it in older times, anyway. The first daffodil doesn’t bloom on the same day every year anyway. So why would we celebrate it like that?

For Savannah, maybe you think of the beginning of Spring when the rain starts coming down more. For Northern states like Idaho, maybe it’s when the sun starts coming out more.

The second method, is to celebrate the themes of that season.

Winter is a time of rest and reflection, spring of planting seeds and fertility (of creative ideas or to make a baby). Summer is for action, inner childlike wonder, and getting things done. Lastly, Autumn is for harvesting, being proud of all we’ve accomplished, and beginning to reflect.

Even if the weather might not be cooperating, following these general themes may help you feel more connected not just to the earth and the seasons, but to yourself as well.

The simple fact of the matter is, there’s no simple formula. As we always say, this practice is so personal. You can adapt it to however you wish.

If you’re looking for more books on the matter, you can check them out here.

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